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Serenity & Healing Sound

Meditation for Grounding & Stability in 7 minutes! #rootchakra #guidedmeditation #chakrameditation

Chakras Healing

Meditation for Grounding & Stability in 7 minutes! #rootchakra #guidedmeditation #chakrameditation

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Support your personal yoga practice and connect with your true nature through the guidance of a master teacher. Experience the wisdom and bliss shared by Yogrishi Vishvketu and fellow Akhanda Yoga Teachers. Receive unlimited access to a growing library of diverse yoga classes. Akhanda Yoga Online will help you reach your most expansive and blissful stateโ€ฆ at your own convenience.

During a time when many of us have been disconnected from family, friends and work/purpose, it is even more important now than usual to ground into our physical body and take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves and feel connected to the Whole.

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