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5 Minutes to Relax: Solar Plexus Chakra • Short Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation Music for Healing

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5 Minutes to Relax: Solar Plexus Chakra • Short Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation Music for Healing

Short 5 minute solar plexus chakra meditation music for balancing & healing. This 5 minutes to relax video will help you to open, unblock and balance your 3rd chakra, also called manipura chakra. Use it for meditation, yoga and solar plexus chakra sleep music.

Copyright Music: Solar Plexus Chakra © Robert Schneider (Composer of Relaxing Balance Music)

Thanks so much to geralt and Peter-Lomas from Pixabay for the beautiful pictures I animated.

The solar plexus chakra is the chakra for self-confidence, willpower and the power and energy in you. Also your intuition and your gut feeling are influenced by this 3rd chakra.
If the solar plexus chakra is balanced, you act confidently and decisively. You feel in control of your live and have firm opinions and values. You are a social being without interfering too much in other people’s life. Your social life and your own self-confidence are in balance.
To open the manipura chakra, focus on the things that you are good in. Avoid comparing yourself to other people and don’t put yourself above or below them. Focus only on your own abilities, strength and talents. In this way you activate and strengthen your solar plexus chakra and thus your self-confidence.
I hope my music will help you.

“5 minutes to relax” is a special video series by Relaxing Balance Music.
These are short 5 minute videos with music or sounds for small breaks to relax and recharge your batteries.
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I am Robert Schneider, composer and creator of Relaxing Balance Music. My wish is creating a place where you can relax and feel inspired. In my videos I want to show you the beauty of music, sounds and nature.

Enjoy my channel – I’m looking forward to your comments.
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Thanks so much!

Robert Schneider

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